Looking for help expanding/maintaining app

We’re a growing B2B company in the computer inventory management and distribution space. We store computers and related hardware for companies and ship directly to/from users to automate employee onboarding/offboarding, upgrades, and repairs.

We built an app on Bubble that’s our main client- and internal-facing tool. We have a number of API integrations with partners, shipping vendors, and others, and the app is working well. But we don’t have many people to expand and maintain it and are bottlenecked both in terms of building anticipated features and troubleshooting issues. We’re hoping to hire one or more developers to help us either with discreet projects, ongoing support, or both. This would be a contract position to start but we might be open to hiring full-time if we found the right candidate.

Let me know if you’re interested!


Hi dan28!

Matt from Rapid Dev here. I saw your development request for revising and expanding your Bubble app. Your request caught my eye because a big part of our business is revising existing Bubble apps. In your case, we can troubleshoot and fix any current issues and expand it by way of any additional desired features. We can also assist you with any future projects, whether it is building new apps, revising/migrating current ones, developing mobile versions, or contributing to design needs.

A little background on us: Rapid Dev is a boutique development agency that has worked with corporations and small to medium sized businesses all over the world. We are an end-to-end agency, with designers, Bubble developers, and traditional developers on our team. We have extensive experience developing a wide-variety of applications across a multitude of industries, and our prior projects have included a myriad of complex features, including APIs, enterprise-level database integrations, syncs with CRMs, custom code to Bubble apps, rich UI/UX, etc.

Our first step would be to hop on a quick intro call together to learn more about the full scope of your project and brainstorm a strategy going forward. If that is something you’re interested in, I have a link to our calendar here:

We’d love to chat. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Matthew Polio
Business Development, Rapid Dev

I am interested in your offer.

Hello, I can work as a intern, you dont have to pay me. But you like my work then give me a compensation if you like.

I have experience with bubble apis and databases. I just passed my airdev certificate and build clone, currently building trello clon.

I have more than one year experience with bubble. I am attaching my resume. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NlQ21lLn2Eu_uZY05oHPNFhRGS1LyU2O/view?usp=sharing

@dan28 we can help. Sending you a PM

Hi @dan28 , I have 4+ years experience on Bubble. Let me know if you still need help.