Looking for help understanding API Connector WU usage


I have a simple POST API call configured in the API connector to an endpoint which sends 1 field. As per Bubble’s documentation What contributes to workload? - Bubble Docs, each outbound API request should cost 0.1 WU.

For me, it costs 0.7 WU and I can’t understand why. It’s not the bytes of the call because I am only sending around 100 bytes. Even if it was 1000 bytes, that’ still not 0.6 WU to add up.

There is nothing else on the page. No dynamic data, no elements. It’s a blank page with 1 Workflow to run the API connector action on page load. I am looking for any suggestions how to optimize this as I expect to be making thousands of calls per day.

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What is the API Action?

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Here is the details from my understanding -

  • Each call to server side plugin action (0.2 WU)
  • Each millisecond spent executing a server-side plugin (0.0005 WU) => 670 * 0.0005= 0.33 WU
  • Byte sent to or from an app via inbound or outbound API (0.000003 WU)
  • Each outbound API call made to external API (0.1 WU)

Checkout Bubble Mentorship?

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Sounds legit but then the documentation Bubble provides is completely misleading.

@adamhholmes It’s an API Connector plugin action that sends a POST to an external endpoint with some data. For the test, it’s only 1 field of data https://i.imgur.com/dSnjW1H.png


Documentation is not misleading but information is too scattered.

Checkout this Bubble documentation- Optimizing for workload - Bubble Docs