Looking for OCR for invoices

Hi Hivemind.
What OCR for recognizing the invoices for costs/expenses you would recommend to connect to bubble?

I already have a OpenAI Vision connection, but maybe there may be a better/cheaper solution to push the first step of reading a document.

Goal - fill out the formular in the system with the data from the uploaded invoice.
Last step for now will be the human approval of course.

I want something efficient (best connected via API - I prefer my own endpoints over plugins which sometimes are lackluster) but also cost efficient.

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Shoot me a DM. Can build you a custom cluster that serves your purpose with lightning fast responses.

Try coherent-accounting.com. Fastest solution I’ve ever seen.

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Get on Azure and train a document intelligence model. It’s super easy. Their dashboard allows you to upload your documents, and then specify the exact spots to look for in your documents, and the exact response you want. The great thing is, it only takes 5 documents to train!

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yeah… no. terrible pricing.

@doug.burden essentially brought up what I’d do


That pricing is outrageous lol

500 pages per month, included free

Thanks for the solution, I will check out Azure as we have MS 365 package at work. Hope this one will be covered and I am super curious if this would be so easy. :slight_smile:

This use case is already solved since a long time to return normalized data from invoices.
No need to have any GPT for this.

See the following and their demo

Hi redvivi - those plugins looks awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

Just to sum up. I have switched in the end to work with make + vision/pdfco + gpt. So thanks for the ideas.

Looks like prices were updated:)

10 cents a page on an annual plan is utterly ridiculous! It feels like going to Kinko’s and trying to make a copy or something… Azure provides for free what they want $600 a year for…

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Some people will never learn.