Looking for ongoing developer. Airdev/Canvas, UX/UI

We have a Canvas by Airdev site template, not yet launched.

3 roles (incl admin)

We are looking for someone to help us improve the usability and design, and build out new features over the next 4-6 months.

We prefer someone US-based or close to the EST timezone.



I am a student at Berkeley doing Computer Science. Have been doing dev work for companies in the bay for a while and been developing on Bubble for the past 4 years. Happy to help. i have a lot of work samples also. Dm

Hi, I know the Airdev canvas template quite well. Sadly, my timezone is WAT . If you still think we can work then reach out to me. Thank you.

@emmanuel.koffi I would love to chat. Please message me so we can coordinate over email.

@shivampu2002 do you have experience with the canvas template?

@jen3 Yes, I’ve looked at it before and can help you with it :slight_smile: