Looking freelance to build this app

Hi, I have a project and I’m looking for freelance to build this for me, do not hesitate to contact me here !

My project

It is a platform to connect content creators and Ecommerce brands,

There will be a website and a mobile application The ecom brands will post their video request via the website, with the script, the format of the video, and any specifics they want. Once done, they pay for the video and wait for applications from content creators

Content creators can only go on the mobile application. On the mobile app, there will be a profile of the content creators with a quick video presentation. They will be able to apply for the projects they are interested in.

Once they apply, the ecommerce brand chooses the content creator they want to have for their video. When the content creator is chosen, the ecom brand sends its product to the content creator so that he can create the video (UGC)

The content creator receives the object, makes the video using the mobile application and sends it to the brand. If the brand is satisfied, it validates the video and can then download it. The content creator receives the money paid earlier by the ecom brand, minus a commission You can use this website for exemple : https://billo.app/

The project need to be in French, I will help you to translate.

I’m in. Let’s do it!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply,

Could you make me a quote for this ?

Would you like to pay per hour or for the entire project?

Would the mobile app be outside bubble?


Thanks I will ask for a quote

I’m a fullstack developer turned bubble.io developer. My background in code allows me to build even more complex and faster bubble apps by custom coding as and when required - so there’s no limit to what I can build with bubble.

I also have background in UI UX design so the apps I build are typically much better and easier to use than those built with no UX experience.

I’d love to work on this concept and I’m interested in discussing more with you. I would love to walk you through my other bubble projects that I’ve built and you can judge the quality and design for yourself!

Please use this link to schedule a call with me -


Hello bro, my name is Damien and I can do it for you.