Looking to hire a high-quality bubble programmer

I have several projects that need support. Looking for a programmer that is better than myself. If you were experience with bubble, I have consistent business to offer. Please reach out to me directly.




@humboldtlease I am interested in working with you. Please check your email inbox :slight_smile: Cheers.

Hi Deejay , your email came from bubble no reply.

I’m available tomorrow for a zoom call please send me an email from your address. Thx

Feel free to send me an email directly

Hi… I emailed you from my personal email address. I guess the subject line might have been confusing. I included “Re: Looking to hire a high-quality bubble programmer” as a reference to this post.
Anyway, I have emailed you again. I am GMT+5 but flexible with timezones so please let me know what time suits you best for a video call.

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