Looking to hire expert with experience in Maps, Optimizations, Routing

I am looking for someone to quote helping me finish a project I started.

The app is to gather inviduals informaiton regarding weekend traveling and bus/van route planning, I have setup the app to gather all riders information which includes the Pickup and Dropoff coordinates, Pickup an Dropoff locations are scattered, it is not pickup everything at once place then scattered dropoff or vise-versa.
The number of buses and vans and each ones capacity are also setup and implemented already
I need someone to implement the Route creation and Map display. One thing to note, most of the time (not always) the routes would require picking up everyone then all buses/vans go to a re-load location and all the riders reload to make the scattered dropoffs more effiecent.
Currently I have a page showing all riders and there information provided, and a map showing markers where each one is, on this page I would like a button to create optimized routes based on the number of vehicles and there capacities provided and all the riders with there provided pickup and dropoff locations provided and if the vehicle has checked off to go to the re-load location then to take this into account as well, then show these routes created on a Map AND allow interactively/manually modify the routes (move riders from one vehicle to another, re-order squence and have the Map update accordingly) then I need a list if each vehicle stating the name of rider and name of location the approx pickup time (based on vehicle startoff time) of each rider, I would like this information to be stored in the bubble database.
Also some way to export or get each route to any mobile phones map navigation app to follow it there

I do have a working ORS Route Optimization API and ORS Directions (GeoJSON) API working in the app already.

More detailed information can be provided on any interested party, I would be prefer someone close to the EST timezone

Looking forward to any replies

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If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Hi Colin
Would you have some links to App you have created or worked on ?

Also from what time zone are you ?

Didnt realize I was replying on the forum, please PM me with this answers, thanks