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Looking to hire to improve my apps responsiveness and overall look

I am looking to hire someone on a contract position that is experienced in front end design and responsiveness.
Please DM me if you are interested.

I’d recommend waiting for the new responsive engine for responsiveness as it’ll need converted and adjusted anyway. If I’m not mistaken (check the announcements) it’ll be releasing end of month.

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Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I will check that out. Had no idea that was a thing.

Very bottom of the first post on this thread.

In interest of speed I’d still do design if I were you but focus on full responsiveness after update unless your budget permits to be done on the old engine, then convert to the new. I guess it depends on your budget, launch date, desired timeframe, etc

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Amazing. Thanks for that. I will definitely wait for this. Have you seen any news/reviews (maybe from the alpha testers) as to whether this is going to be a solid improvement over the current responsiveness engine?

I’m not the best person to ask in regards to this, I’d recommend reading the last few months announcements.

From what I’ve read/heard it’s going to be MASSIVE improvements. If I’m not mistaken they are bringing CSS flex box which will be amazing.

They did say they have a conversion engine to assist in the switch but it won’t be perfect but cut down on time and it’ll be on a page by page basis so you can have partial of your app on the old engine and convert as you go.

I’m personally imagining something like webflow however non modular.

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