Looking to Hire!

Hello, Looking to hire a developer that can take on a project for me as I am not privy to web/app development. Looking for someone to hold weekly progress meetings and for idea creation. Will pay a flat rate. have a dating app idea I hope someone will assist with. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi @hgoto2 . sent a private message. Please check


I am a versatile Bubble developer with over 900 hours of Bubble dev experience. I have successfully completed 4 complex projects, showcasing my ability to deliver high-quality results. I am motivated to create solutions that are optimized, minimalist, and well-thought-out in terms of stability.

In the projects I’ve been involved in, I worked on complex web applications that necessitated the implementation of various significant Bubble features, including :

  • external API integration
  • backend workflows
  • privacy rules
  • single-page applications
  • reusable elements

I deliver solutions that prioritize optimization, minimalist design, and stability. I consider the entirety of a project to anticipate potential corner cases.

With a background in the software industry, I bring experience in QA testing to ensure high-quality outcomes. Additionally, I actively engage in the thought process, providing insights into feasibility and offering general advice to enhance the development process.

Please fin my portfolio here Bubble | No-code apps

Happy to discuss.

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I am in your dm. dating apps are part of my pet projects, so I have the experience from the ground up. Visit my website @ hadifawei.com