Lottiefiles plugin - Problem with Lottiefile inside a popup


I’ve just tried the new Lottiefiles Plugin.
Lotties can start “on page load”, “on clic” or “on hover”.

I have a success popup in which I want to insert this Lottiefile : Success on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation
The animation is 1,5 seconds long.

The problem I have is that it works perfectly on the first attempt but when the popup is hidden, the lottiefile keeps looping indefinitly in the background, so when the success popup is shown a 2nd time, the animation can be in the middle of the 1,5 seconds loop => it is quite ugly.

Is there a way to force the lottiefile animation to start back from the beginning each time the parent popup is visible ?

Thanks for your help

Have you considered adding conditional visibility to the element itself?

Unfortunatly, conditionals to show / hide are not sufficient as the Lottiefile can be shown in the middle of the animation.
I would need to be able to stop the animation (when hidden) and make it start again from the beginning if I show it a 2nd time.