Make a application form, where am I going wrong?

Hello everyone, I am struggling with forms on bubble, I want to make a application form for my company, I am struggling with getting the data to discord hub. I have already done a webhook with a different thing, but for for some reason it wont send info over to the discord its self? Or even store it within the data part?

I wish there is a tutorial for application forms or a video I can go through. Could some one give me some help please? I have sent some screenshots of what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance


Screenshot_3|690x491 !


The first action make change to a thing will not do anything because you are using the same data you already store in that thing (This thing…) Nothing from the form.
Also, in your editor, I didn’t see how you set the Group Data source for the Application. So the thing to change may be… nothing.

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Your first step needs to create a new thing, not make change to an existing thing.


Ah thanks I was wondering where I was going wrong, so if I do create a new thing, I use the applications type? Since I want my current users on website to be able to apply for positions?