Make a search constraint lowercase

I’m trying to do a case-sensitive search, but I’m unable to make the field name lowercase.

Is there a way to make a search constraint so that both sides of it are lowercase or case insensitive?

You’ll need to use :filtered → advanced to do this if your DB entries are varying.

Keep in mind this will have performance implications and shouldn’t be done if the search is returning a large number of results. If thats the case, it’s best to convert your entries on the way into the database when saving data initially, so that they are already in lowercase by the time you run a search constraint.

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Ah darn. This is already being run once per item in a large-ish repeating group and would be searching a large DB table.

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Here’s what I would do:

1.). Set up two new fields on your user table: “first name (lowercase)” and “lastname (lowercase)”

2.) Set up a backend workflow that takes a single user parameter. Have the workflow execute a single action: make changes to user, set first name (lowercase) = first name:lowercase and same with last name.

3.) Run this workflow on your user table using the “bulk” feature from the App Data tab. This will make sure that every existing user in your database has the lowercase fields correctly populated.

4.). Adjust your user signup workflows so that new users coming in get the lowercase fields populated correctly as well.

5.). Update the search constraints from your screenshot to look at the (lowercase) fields rather than the normal name fields.

Let me know if any of these steps don’t make sense!

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