Make an Editable Table


I’m trying to make an editable table of information already submitted to the database.

  1. User inputs multiple lines in a form. (Done)
  2. Submits (to database) (Done)


  1. “Table” (actually a grid of text boxes or input boxes?) calls on data from database (and displays it)
  2. User clicks “edit” icon for 1 row
  3. That row’s data then becomes editable in-line in the table.
  4. User clicks “save” icon for that row.
  5. Data is modified in the database and the “table” shows the amended data.

Many thanks for your help.


Hello B,

Essentially you will want to set up hide and show actions for when the different icons are clicked to control when the current cell text is shown and when the current cell’s edit input is shown. Then you’ll want to update the current cell’s information to whatever the value of the input is when the save icon is clicked.

I’ve created a test page to demonstrate the editable table feature you described.
App Editor page:

Thank you! Hugely helpful.

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