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Make certain group scrollable

Hi team,

Looking for a way to make only one section of my app scrollable, and the ability to use buttons to move up and down this section as required.

As you can see, in the red I want this area to scroll vertically, so that I can add more information onto the page, and keep the left navigation bar available at all times. Then, by using my navigation bar on the left I want to scroll to the relevant areas in my highlighted group (as shown).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You could probably achieve the desired effect by using a Floating Group for the sidebar. It’s not a very responsive solution out of the box if you want to use it on a mobile, but it is possible to achieve with some extra effort and page redesigning.

I’ve made an example project which you can check out here:
Site: Bubble | No-code apps
Editor: Menuscrollexample | Bubble Editor
Notice how I’ve used a multitude of groups that collapse when the page width decreases.

To scroll to a specific element, you could then use the built-in “Scroll to” workflow element. You can also test this out by clicking on the “My sidebar content” button on my test page

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Amazing. Thanks, I’ll try it out.

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