Make change to thing based on Date?


can someone teach me how can i change a data base on current date/time?

for ex. i have the ff. fields

Status = Active
Date = Aug 9, 2017 6:18 pm

what i want is when the Date/time is = to Aug 9, 2017 6:18 pm
the Status will change from Active to In Active

How can i achieve that using Workflow?

Thank You

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You’ll need a field in your database for active:

Active [yes/no]

Then go to workflows and add a new workflow starting with Do When condition is true > Make changes to a thing.


Only when current date/time formatted as you wish = “Aug 9, 2017 6:18 pm”

Make changes to your ‘Thing’
Active = No

it seems your example is a formatted as you wish = a fixed date… mine is a dynamic date

hmmm… how about this one…

let say i have a Tracking AppData inside is a field called Expiration Date = Aug 9, 2017 6:18 pm and the Current Status = Active

so when the Expiration Date is = to Current Date/time the Status will set to Expired?

how can i set that?

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Actually I think you;re right- the expiration route is more logical.

So you need two fields in your thing:
Expiration date/time: dd/mm/yy tt:tt
Active: yes/no

and then run a new workflow as before:

Do When condition is true > Make changes to thing

Only when current date/time = Thing’s Expiration date/time:
Active = no

there’s no = after choosing current date/time only < > - is available

Sorry so you just do if expiration date =

So you don’t need to use the only when field.


i think Only When field is needed because it will highlighted RED when it’s blank

Hey @jigsgfx.gj and @pauljamess, I think the better route is to use a scheduled API workflow.

  1. Set up the API endpoint to change the status from active to inactive.
  2. When the Thing is created (or when the expiration date is set) > schedule API workflow for this date.

This way, the action occurs on the server and you don’t need to load a page in order for a “do when condition is true” event to be met. It’ll just happen on its own.

Also, doing an only when exp date = current date means that the dates need to be exact to that minute! If it’s one minute past, it won’t run because it’s no longer equal. Instead, you would probably want when current date is > expiration date. Regardless, using a regular event will make it fully dependent on someone loading the page. What if they don’t for many days after expiration? The scheduled API workflow is better for this.

Hope this makes sense.


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