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"Make changes to a list of..." best way to get "this item's index in list"?

Kind of under “Idea” and “Need help”.

What I’d like:
What I’m looking for is something along the lines of a “[list] index of [item],” which would return an arbitrary item’s index in an arbitrary list or -1/0 if it’s not there.

My use case:
For a repeating group’s list, I want to set an “order” field on each item that corresponds to its position in the list. Is there a way I can achieve this without the user manually updating each line as I expect my lists to contain 100-200 items? If this value was exposed, it would make sorting and updating fields so much easier.


Hi Scott, did you ever work this out?

[Edit] - found the answer here: [Solved] Repeating Group Sorting function with Up/Down arrows?