Making a view counter to a data type

Hello. I have “Books” as a data type. I am creating a view counter for each book. I tried 2 things:

  1. I created another type called “Views” and a field called “#number” and I set the default value to 0. Then I added this data type to “Books” data type. I created a workflow and I used “Make change to thing”
  2. I created a field in “Books” data type called “Views” type: number and set its default value to 0.

Nothing is working. Can someone help please?
Thanks in advance!


You don’t need a separate data type for views.
For your books data type you only need views (number)

So when a user clicks a book, or they open a page for a book.
You will create workflow that says:
Make changes to book
views = current books views + 1

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thanks it worked.

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