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Making Backend Workflows look RESTful

Probably a bit nichey…but here goes.

I can expose Workflow APIs OK. So something like…
Would return the data about widget 1234

What I would like is that to look like …

And then to be able to do a RESTful style

Instead of …

Just because I don’t want to look like a noob :slight_smile:

I have a hack for half of the way? You can use the 404 page and get data from page URL. and save the path segments as a list. You will be able to see the entire path list. Not really what you want in a REST. Not sure how to do the rest… no pun intended :slight_smile:


Oooo, that is interesting. It is what I want to do really, but you can’t do it in the workflow or at least not that I can see. Interestingly bubble’s workflow API ignores anything in the path so you can do wf/this/that/andtheother which will call workflow “this” but you can’t get at

I think the biggest hurdle is that I will always return a generic 400 even if the underlying call is 404 or 422. I can check this in advance, but don’t think I can return specific codes :frowning:

This may have to go to Lambda and Fiverr.

For context …

We are using a whitelabel API to do some processing for our apps at the moment.

In needing to offer our own API to our customers, we don’t want them going to direct to the APi provider if we want to change provider or write our own in the future. More dev work for them.

So the bubble workflow API acts as a wrapper (plus does a bit more checking) on the whitelabel one.

Another way is to use back endless and integrate it with bubble. But the flow would be
Customer --> Backendless --> Bubble --> Backendless again --> back to customer

Thanks. Integromat works well.

Will have a look at backendless. They do seem to have a … very high opinion of themselves.

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Are you able to find some ways to do it natively into Bubble without using any 3 rd party service?

I’m pretty sure this plugin would allow this setup: NoCodeMayo: Add multiple domains to your Bubble app I’ve never tried it and the plugin has a fairly difficult setup process.

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@bubble.trouble not looking for any 3rd party service

I understand but the point stands that if you want it done I think this is the way to accomplish this result (as in I don’t know one would do it natively in Bubble)

Yeah. Agree. I can use lots of other tools also. Like Xano, hookdesk and many more.

But thinking is there some way i can do only via Bubble.

No. But nobody really noticed anyway.

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