Making bubble future proof

Today I was chatting with a New York based investor who actively invests in tech startup and businesses. He asked me this question:
“Can Bubble ever truly “future-proof” itself against emerging technologies and changing user expectations? If so, how?”

I didn’t gave him an appropriate answer but this question stuck me.

(That investor is my friend and I was not pitching him any app, we were just chatting on FaceTime)

Community whats your views, because I was stuck

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gerenal questions usually need reframing in a more specific way to get an answer. What’s the timeframe we are talking about with future-proof? 5 years, 10, 30? And then what are you wanting to sacrifice today to make it future-proof for the specified time frame? And then what’s the commitment to invest in maintenance to make it last?

I personally don’t see why the ability for Bubble to future proof itself against emerging technologies would matter to an investor as I’d imagine that the same thing would be done in the future as what would be done today if Bubble just went under. The Bubble built app/business would need to migrate to traditional code, or find a engineer to self-host the public version of Bubble that would be released upon Bubbles’ demise, be it self-inflicted or just new technology driven.

If an investor was reluctant to invest large sums of money into a bubble built app because of unknown future technologies that would knock Bubble off its’ pedestal, I’d insist that the money invested be used to migrate off of Bubble immediately.


That’s a great point! Timeframe definitely matters. Maybe in the next 5 years, future-proofing means focusing on robust API integrations and deeper customization options to keep up with evolving tech, while sacrificing some built-in features for developer-friendliness. Long-term, 10+ years, perhaps the focus shifts to platform flexibility and adaptability to handle unforeseen tech leaps, prioritizing a strong core architecture over specific functionalities. Continuous maintenance is key! What do you think?

100% agree with you. And also people make software future-proof: there is always a risk with every platform but the people who build and mantain the app can always fix the problems or migrate or rebuild (like Boston85719 said).