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Making change to list of users

I have a list of users. how do i make changes to each user in the list?
I need to add money to each of the users’ balance

Hi there, @gefmos… are you familiar with backend workflows? You can set up a backend workflow that takes a list of users as its parameter, and the action within the workflow would make a change to the users and update their balances. You could run that workflow manually on the App data tab by using the bulk feature or you could schedule the workflow to run on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.


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I guess i’m not familiar enough.
when the user click on a button (Publish winning results) i want the workflow to change every user’s balance that exist in a certain list (winners list)
I choose in the workflow the option:: Make changes to a list of numbers => Things to change => the winning list’s balance account => add each item the winning prize, but it didnt work

If you are trying to make changes to a list of users, I think you should be able to cut that expression off after Parent group's BetRecord's Winner List. Then, you should able to click a button to change a field, and then you could select the DollarBalance field and make the appropriate change.

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It doesnt let me .

its not enough …
Its confusing, when i try to change list of things the error is: “its user related change” when i try to change user date i cant see the list

Maybe its too much indirect addressing… to much nested location ?!

I though you wanted to change a list of Users?..

(in your screenshot you’re trying to change a list of BetRecords, but defining a list of Users, hence why it’s red)

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Im trying to change a user field to only selected list of users

As Adam said, you have the type of things set to BetRecord, but you are specifying a list of users. Have you tried changing the type of things to User?

Yes, than i cant filter to only users in the winning list

Im trying to change a user field to only selected list of users

A User field? (as in you’re trying to change the list of Users contained in a User list field?)…

That’s a completely different thing from making changes to a list of Users…

OK… i’ll check it

If you select User as the type of things, you should still be able to select Parent group BetRecord's Winner List as the list to change (assuming that list is a list of users)… so I’m not sure what is going on.

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But, based on your original Queston (of making changes to each User in a list), it should be as simple as setting the Type of Thing to change to User, and then defining the list in the List to Change…

As long as that list is a list of Users then it should work…

If it doesn’t, then presumably the list your defining is not actually a list of Users.

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It shows no errors now :smiley: :star_struck: :clap:
I’ll debug that it add to the entire list
Thank you very much guys!!!