Making changes to data based on input without removing focus

Hi! I have tried both using autobinding and triggering a workflow to change data when the input value has changed. However, in both cases, they would require me to click outside the element or to remove focus on the input.

Is there a way to do this without removing focus on the input? Thank you!

Hi there,… check out the plugin I mentioned in this thread, and see if it does the trick for you.


Hey Mike! Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to play with that plugin and it seems that it is no longer functioning any more. I linked it through an input id and triggered workflow when watch input’s value has changed, but nothing happens seems like.

As I said in that thread (where the original poster also thought the plugin didn’t work), I tested the plugin at that time, and it was working fine, so I would be surprised if it has stopped working between then and now. If you can share some screenshots of your setup, I’m guessing someone can help you figure out what’s going on.

Awesome thanks Mike! I tested out on an input field and it is working fine, but when it comes to rich text editor input, it is not working. I am assuming that it doesn’t work for rich text editor input?

Here is the screenshot. Thanks!

Ah, yes… I don’t believe it works with a rich text input… sorry about that.

Try using auto binding with auto save turned on (but be aware… it can be very costly in WU).

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The problem with auto saving is that it relies on auto binding and will automatically remove the focus out of the element I believe.

Thanks Mike!

The problem with auto saving is that it relies on auto binding and will automatically remove the focus out of the element I believe.

What you believe is irrelevant (and incorrect)… autosave will not remove the focus (try it for yourself and see).

but I highly advise against this regardless, due to the (potentially) very high WU costs. Making a change to the database every time a character is typed (or every few seconds, which is what autosave does), can be very inefficient and resource heavy (but it doesn depend on the specifics of your app).

You could save the changes locally, and just update the database once the input is no longer focussed - but that’s what autobinding (or an input value is changed workflow) does anyway.

So, what exactly are you trying to achieve here (and for what purpose)? (and have you considered the WU costs here)?

Hey Adam! First of all, thanks for the reply and I completely agree with you with the high WU and resources costs.

I am building a notetaking app, so users could type a lot of things in the editor but accidentally hit on refresh or click outside the page, and never move out of the editor. In this case they will lose everything they typed if they have never clicked outside the element.

I tried it in a couple of editor instances. The common behavior observed with auto-binding was indeed that the input field loses focus after an auto-save operation. In fact, if you just keep typing and never stop, the auto-save operation will not be triggered unless you stop typing and wait for a few seconds. After that it will autosave, and move the focus outside the element.

Yes, that’s how the autosave feature works (i.e. it saves 2-3 seconds after the user stops typing)…

But it shouldn’t move the focus away from the rich text editor (and certainly doesn’t for me).

So it sounds like a bug… I’d check you’re using the lates version of Bubble and of the Rich Text editor plugin, and if it’s still losing focus then submit a bug report, as that’s not what should be happening.