Malicious Links Google Ads

Hey All,

Has anyone come across Google blocking their ads for having Malicious links in their bubble site? When I asked them for the links they gave me 3 all of which are my domains with www. https:// and http I asked them how can my domain I own be marked as a Malicious link.

Anyone got a clue what’s going on?


Hi OP - checking if you got past this? I’m running into this issue now. I’ve stripped all my plugins off and am still getting this Malicious issue. Thanks!

Do you have any user generated content?

I do have an admin page that I use for some content uploads.

Google got back to me and gave the following reason for the Disapproval:

Our latest scan from your site - {My app’s URL}, https[:]//about1x[.]bubbleapps[.]io/version-test/ came back, and still detects Malware/links that are potentially harmful to you and to the site visitors. It seems that your site ( {My app’s URL}, https[:]//about1x[.]bubbleapps[.]io/version-test/ ) redirects users to malicious links OR triggered when clicked. Below is the link that we’ve detected: " "

What’s weird is that I’ve scrubbed all my source and even plugin source, but can’t find that “about1x[.]bubbleapps[.]io” URL anywhere.

I have the same issue, did u solve it?