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Map element - List of markers - datasource: external API - Issue: markers have wrong location

I have an issue where I feel like I’ve tried every thing to get it working, but it’s still misbehaving!

I have an element, a map. On this map I want to show a list of markers. The source of this list is an external API (call to my SQL Database). I have mapped the location field correctly, telling bubble it is a geo location. The map shows my markers, but they are all over the planet, appearing quite random. The caption however is showing the correct address, telling me that it’s full aware of the location, just not where to put it.

I have a repeating group next to my map listing all my adresses. Clicking on one of these will place a single marker on my map, and it has no issue figuring out the correct place for this marker if I do it this way. What is going on?

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