Map Field conditional formatting when field chosen from csv upload matches database field

When using the “upload data as CSV” import data feature.

At the moment the “Map Fields” button within the import pop up, seems to only reset the drop downs when the fields refresh for a new different database view perhaps for your second upload. If we can’t get the “Map Fields” button to also preset the drop downs to the correct fields of the csv by matching up them up to the relevant database values, can we get the dropdown’s background to change colour to green or red to reflect whether the dropdown matches the field after you’ve selected the field.

A quick conditional formatting of that drop down would make a really essential, great tool a little more efficient for the user to quickly know whether it is the correct or incorrect field chosen, without having to glance to the left to double check it matches, as an accidental mistake in mapping fields could ultimately have a large impact on the accuracy of my data being displayed on the site. I use the import function regularly and some databases have a number of fields, so this would save a lot of time and concentration.


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Is it possible?