Map markers show differently on mobile vs desktop

Hi guys,

I can’t figure out why my map markers don’t have the same resolution on mobile and desktop ? they look quite blurry on mobile whereas alright on desktop - I’m using option set to display them and saved them as svg (the blue and red ones are the ones where it’s most visible)

Which is a bummer, the app is made for mobile use …

that’s on desktop - they look ok:

and that’s on mobile - blurry :

They seem to have similar resolution in mobile as desktop. I’d suggest adding more padding to the svgs and making the images smaller in mobile…

It seems that the different images are diffently blurred, which probably means this is a image related issue?
Which means if you get better images wich higher pixel density that issue could be solved.

Mobiles nowadays can have massively crazy pixel definitions, whereas lots of people still use FHD computer monitors. Could this be your case? What are your screen resolutions?

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You’re right, I’ve got a higher resolution on my phone compared to my computer! interesting ! I’ll change the images and see how it goes, thank a lot