Maps not displayed in live mode

Hi Bubblers, hope you’re doing well.
I’m currently publishing my app in live, but I’m facing a problem with my google maps display.
In preview mode, the map is displayed, but in live mode, the map doesn’t show up.

I know that the subject have been discussed before, but the few answers I found doesn’t work for me.

I have my own domain name, which require to add a billing details in google cloud API platform (that’s work). Then, I refered the HTTP web site as explained in various tutorials, tried with all type of writing methods (see below), the problem doesn’t seems to come from here because it works in preview mode.

I made sur to download all the proper API, like Time Zone API, Javascript Maps API, Geocoding API, Places API, Geolocation API.

I saw this topic from carmelomilian thats says “Solved, didnt realize dev and life DB were separate.”. It might comes from here because my DB is almost empty, but to me the map should at least show up a be empty, I can’t figure out the problem.

Preview mode (displayed perfectly) :

Live mode (not displayed) :

HTTP config in google cloud API :

Any help would be apprecied, I’m available to give any additional informations!

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