Masking wasabi secret key?

the wasabi plugin show secret key.
is it possible to hide the key?

Hi @bigbee, thanks for your message.

Please share (here or in DM) a screenshot or screencast with case when the secret key is publicly shown. It will allow us to understand the case better.

Looking forward to your reply.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi, I said about this wasabi plugin page. secret_key is a plain text.

Hi @bigbee, thanks for your reply.

These fields are accessible only by the app owner and invited collaborators (if any), thus, are not accessible to the general public.

Zeroqode Support Team

Yes, I know that.
But it’s secret key. Would you mask the input box ?
Is it difficult on bubble plugin?
All collaborators can see that. that’s not safty.

@bigbee Nobody but Bubble the company can change those - the Plugin tab input fields are standardized for all Bubble plugins and don’t support hiding the values.

The best you can do in your specific situation if you want controlled access is setting up a policy directly in the Wasabi console, so that any activity has to originate from your domain. There’s a section in Zeroqode’s plugin documentation on how to set that up.

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@chaostorm is right, regretfully - this part of functionality belongs to Bubble, and we cannot influence it in any way. If you want, you can share a suggestion with the Bubble team, as a possible improvement.

Zeroqode Support Team

Thank you, @chaostorm and @zeroqodesupport,
I feedback this to Bubble team!


its a good suggestion.
very questionable that i can go to an app, to plugins and for 10 plugins see 10 secret keys.

Do you mean that some pulgins mask these secret key?
Oh, could you tell me one sample?
Or these plugins show secret key as plain?

i am saying it is a good suggestion as 0 plugins mask this key, as bubble has not yet thought of this.

:slight_smile: I sent request to bubble support. Let’s hope that implemented.