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Master detail CRUD form

Helllo everybody… I need a help. Does anybody have an exemple of how to build a form with a CRUD but with two tables (types) ? The fist containing the main information and the second containing secondary infromation but all related fo example… First table named Person. Second table named Contacts. In the first name, age, city of born…
in the second type of contact e.g Email, cel, tel… and a second row with the information itself .
A master/ detail… Can anybody help me ?

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Thank you Carlos Marchan, i believe it is exactly what I was lookin for. Watching the video right now !!! Thanks a lot !!!

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I still looking for a solution a little bit different. Let’s think un two tables. First called Person, and second called Contact. The fist I have the informations as firstName, lastName …
in table Contact I store the TypeOfContact and the Contact itself. I just don’t get to create this kind of CRUD. I don’t want to use the USERS table… Thanks in advance.

The above was not a tutorial. It is a walkthrough.

The aim is to expose key concepts for app creation.

Should be a good kick start so that you can now use most of them for your project. :+1:t2:

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Sure it can Carlos. But this kind of relation I undestood. The issue is when you trying to do this relashionship with two other tables. Using table USERS i can do that… but if USERS is not envolved… LOL
But I thank you a lot !!!

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Thanks again Carlos… I’ll watch right now !!!

Here in Brasil, a literal translation of the expression WALKTHROUGH is some like STEP BY STEP… Just a curiosity. Thanks again Carlos.

Think of it like “show and tell” … not “instruct” or “explain” …