Math operations on both sides of comparison operator?

I tried to make an “Only When” condition involving math operations on both sides of a < or > operator, but it seems you can only modify values on the left side of the comparison operator. There are workarounds, but it’d be nice if we could perform operations on both sides.

Parentheses would also be a big help with order of operations, instead of the left-to-right execution.

Would anyone else benefit from this?

Is this kind of what you were trying to do?

Thanks, but not quite. My case is that I’d like to change the element if the remaining allowance (max - current) is less than 10% of the maximum. Now realizing I can change this to “if (storage max * .9) < img_count”. Current problem solved, but it may come up again in the future.


I think that’s how most of it is resolved. Glad it works now for you. Sometimes it just takes some “work around” thinking or thinking outside the box to get it to work the way you want it.

Usually happens about 10 seconds after I make a forum post… :stuck_out_tongue:

For sure, happens to all of us! Glad its working though.