MathJax is not found error

I’m trying to create a repeating group that can show MathJax math equations. So far it’s been successful. However, the debugger is reporting some error “MathJax is not found”, although the page is running fine.

I’m wondering if this is an issue. Can I ignore these errors? How do I fix it?

I dont know if that’s the real problem or not. But technically, you have the same html element at every cell, therefore, including the necessary js files every time. Maybe include the js files once outside the repeating group, and in the repeating group cell’s html, just call it.

Do you mean placing the <script>MathJax.typeset();</script> in a seperate HTML element outside the repeating group? But how do I call the js from inside the repeating group?

I mean the first two lines of your html element, which includes the necessary js files so that line can execute.

remove the async tag from the script loading the library or wait untill the library is loaded before using Mathjax.typeset()

you probably don’t need es6 polyfills anymore

as Ergin said you want to move the load of the library out of the repeating group

You guys are awesome. I’ve followed your recommendations, removing the “async” tag and the es6 poly fills, and also moving the beginning js out of the repeating group (see screenshots). Now the errors are gone.


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