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Max Date and Time


In SQL there is something like “select max(date) from table”. Does anyone know how to do this when querying bubble lists?

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I’m unfamiliar with SQL select statements, so I’ll assume that it returns the date furthest in the future. In Bubble, perform a search sorted by descending and select the first item in the list.

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So I have the below:

However when I try and select first item it keeps asking for another input after that. Not sure what Í’m doing wrong…

Are you able to assist further…

I think that might be because you are trying to copy a list, and when you choose :first item thats not a list.
What do you want to achieve as a result?

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You could always add :converted to list (it is right at the bottom of the inputs) after firstitem and that will make it work.

Although, as above, interested as to what you are trying to do. This was make a copy of the oldest thing ?

Yes am trying to copy the newest list based on the created date or modified date