Medium clone. need help

how do i do it, when images in post in click will be displayed image in popup.

The workflow you have to display the data in the popup and to open the popup is correct you just need to add the image element to the page and also an image field to your data to store the image. I added an image element to the page and set it up so it displays the picture in the popup when the image on the page is clicked.

Hope that help you.

i use richtext editor. how i can display images. can you edit my bubble link. Thanks before.

To display images with a rich text editor I would recommend using either of these two plugins:

or this one:

They are both $10 a month but as of now they are the best way to write posts with images in Bubble.

About how to make the images expand in a popup when clicked I’m not sure of a way to do that when the image is in the post like that.

need help … can anyone help me how can i do that :neutral_face: