Mercado Pago Check Out


I need to integrate Mercado Pago Check Out, there’s already a plugin for Mercado pago but it doesn’t work well and it’s only for credit cards. Mercado Pago has grown a lot and has multiple payment options now (

Please PM if you think you can help me.


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Hi Rodrigo,
I should be able to help you out on this.
Feel free to hit me up on
Best Wishes,

Hi Andrew,

I am interested in this solution, you could send me information to

Hello @rodrigo.oyarzun25 did you develop any plug-in ?

I am interested in oxxo payments , if you did I can pay you for the plug-in.

Please let me know

@luismichelcf you can use oxxo payments with Stripe. Let me know if you need custom plugin.

Yes I need to use OXXO either with Stripe or with Conekta.

How can I use oxxo with Stripe without a plugin and how much a plugin would cost?

DMed you.

Hey @ankur1 I’m also interested in the plugin for Oxxo payments. Did you developed the plug in? Thank you.


No, I have not built one.

Well! Thank you.