Merge to list with alternating elements

I am new to Bubble and I would like to make (what seems to me) a simple thing, but can’t figure out how.

Let’s imagine a conversation between multiple speakers. By using an API, I manage to gather two lists: one that indicates the speakers, as such: [A; B; A; C], and one that indicates what has been said: [“Hello, I’m A”; “Hello, I’m B”; “Nice to meet you, B”; “Hello, I’m C, nice to meet you both”].

What I want to do, is create a single text, inside the Workflow, that looks like this:
A: “Hello, I’m A”
B: “Hello, I’m B”
A: “Nice to meet you, B”
C: “Hello, I’m C, nice to meet you both”

I must have this final text in the Workflow because I want to pass it as such to make another API Call (to GPT, so it would be much easier for it to understand the conversation clearly).
The closest I’ve gotten to creating this block of text, is concatenating the two lists: “A; B; A; C; Hello, I’m A; Hello, I’m B; …” but I haven’t managed to merge the two lists alternating between them!

I managed to do it! I followed very closely the explanation on this post and adapted it slightly so I could get the final text I needed (I used a text where I put: text=text+new_words).