Microsoft graph API - calendar

Hi everyone
I am setting up the Microsoft Graph API, for Calendar integrations.
I have this working for users etc, but not calendar.

I am getting the below issue, which looks like it is to do with the content header format not being in JSON. I’m basically at the limit of my knowledge here and would appreciate any help.

A useful link:

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
Status code 400
{“error”:{“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“Unable to read JSON request payload. Please ensure Content-Type header is set and payload is of valid JSON format.”,“innerError”:{“date”:“2022-11-23T23:51:56”,“request-id”:“71349078-61c2-445f-860e-aa6cf1ecd919”,“client-request-id”:“71349078-61c2-445f-860e-aa6cf1ecd919”}}}

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