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Minimum width issue

Here’s my issue:

I have a button width 360, centered on a page measuring 980. As a result, the box margins of this button are set to 310 left and 310 right.

I also have the button is set to max width 100% and min width 83%. I’ve done this because I want the button to look good all the way down to iphone 5 which is 320 width.

However, the button instantly resizes to its minimum width once page width is <980. This happens because of the preset box margins. This is bad for me, because there is then unwanted white space on the left and right when the page width is say iphone 6 or iphone 6+ width.

Does anyone know how to solve for this?

i figured it out.

put elements in a group. set group left/right margin to create the left/right margins


Another thing you can do is to use invisible shapes at either side, set to minimum width 0.

makes sense! thanks