Missing field types

Hi I am new to bubble. i created a first app & went to the data tab, i see user data type. but to the right of it i don’t “fields for type user”, where i can create a new field. i created a new data type and same thing. the right side where u can create new field is missing. i tried different browsers(firefox, edge) same thing. Frustrating as i was excited to use bubble. Appreciate any help

This happens if you have browser zoom on (the little magnifying glass in your URL bar). Please set the zoom to 100%, and the behavior should resolve.

Thank you for your help. The zoom is set to 100%. i still have the issue. i tried different browsers including chrome.
I tried to resize the window to make it wide but it didn’t work. when i reduced the width to less than half the screen, the fields show appear !!
I don’t think i will be able to use it at that size. Any other ideas?

i was working on my mac. i tried on my other windows laptop & i don’t have that issue anymore. using MS Edge browser on both laptops. i think its a bug

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