Mobile data usage best practices

Hi Bubblers! Would love your thoughts on how to make my native app more internet data friendly.

It’s a task and project manager app. The design for the native app is fairly simple - no graphs. Most operations are doing serches, filtering, fetching data…

For some reason, my app is demanding a lot for data usage from clients - obviously not a good thing…

Specific questions:
What are the main drivers of data usage? Ej. Should I simplify UI/UX or focus on fetching less data?
Are there any best practices or things to keep in mind to decrease data usage?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  1. Fetch only what require (if you are using the repeating group, use pagination)
  2. Use less of Option sets (they pre-download on every page)
  3. Try to combine the steps.
  4. Compress the media before uploading to Bubble. If you are using the static image, try to use the webp images.
  5. Use privacy rules to restrict data access.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Thanks for the tips!

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