Mobile page zooms to landscape but won't rescale to portrait

My app is a single page (with many groups made visible and invisible) meant to be used in portrait mode on a mobile device. I’m using Floating groups, groups and Popups as my primary elements.

All views display correctly in portrait mode.
Most views will refresh and display correctly when the phone is rotated to landscape.

Some views will refresh and return back to the appropriate zoom when the device is rotated back to portrait.

A few views will zoom in when rotated to landscape and will not refresh to portrait automatically. Further, they won’t allow me to manually “pinch” to zoom out either.

Refreshing the page will not fix the problem. I need to completely close the browser and reload.

It seems that this could be related to popups, but I’m not sure. Has anyone encountered this before?



I have, many times. Maybe file as a bug report?

Hi ! Ihave the same problem, did somebody find out a solution ?

Hey, I just found why we all have this issue

First, select the entire page:

Then, you only need to tick “Make this element fixed-width” (Don’t forget to have a width of 320)

Actually we have this problem because of the responsivity of the page. But for a mobile version actually we don’t need responsivity.

So for your mobile version, forget the responsive tab ^^


Have a good day

Thanks for the info. How does your page rescale for different sized mobile devices?


You have to make a “mobile page” for each page of your website.

Then you shouldn’t tick the case “this page is a native app”, Width “320”, Preset page width “Custom”


In the workflow part, never link with “mobile pages”. You always need to link with all native pages of you website. Then, if you open your page from a computer, you website will be open with a large page, but if you open it from your phone, bubble will send you directly to your mobile version.

I hope my answer was clear ^^

In Bubble, it’s entirely possible (and I think also encouraged) to build your entire page once and use the Responsibe tab to make it adjust to and look beautiful in different screen sizes. I’m sure there are cases where building separate “mobile versions” is the way to go, but it certainly isn’t the only option. If you play with the Responsive tab, you’ll see that Bubble’s built-in responsive tools are very powerful.

I believe this thread is actually addressing a bug where turning a device from portrait to landscape (and vice versa) is not registered by the application and the page does not behave responsively. This only happens occasionally.