Mobile redirect not working

Hey all!
Trying to get the mobile redirect on my test app working. Video describing my trouble below:

Bottom line, for whatever reason choosing another page as the ‘mobile version’ doesn’t direct people there when they use a mobile device.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Scottie :slight_smile: It looks like you have everything set up correctly! Are there any redirect workflows on either page? Can you share a link to the app? (Can PM if you prefer)

Sorry for not responding here @fayewatson, and thanks so much for your help :pray:
Total noob error - I hadn’t deployed to production. How embarrassing lol

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Oh my gosh, that is the greatest meme I have ever seen in my entire life :heart_eyes:

And no worries at all! I’ve done the exact same thing, many, many times! :slight_smile: