Mobile Topic: Mobile Sliding Sidebar, Publishing and else

Hi Guys,

thanks for the great work on the app part. It is already possible to build a huge amount of functionality!

I just have three questions, which are probably easy to solve, but I didnt find a solution myself yet.

  1. In the Bubble App on my phone the Sidebar slides out from the side and moves the current view to the right out of the window. This looks great and is a nice native mobile feature. However, I cannot replicate this in my app. When I try out the hide and show slide animations the entire screen swipes, not only a group/item. Also I do not know how to solve the “push other stuff to the right” function.

  2. I have a map which should show the location of the user (works) and the destination marker. I somehow are not able to connect both on just one map. If I have a list of markers I dont see the possibility to enter the current position?

  3. How does the publishing process works? Android/iOS at the same time? How do I initiate this? How do updates work for apps? Are you the publisher or do I have to sign up myself?

Thanks a lot for your answers.


  1. That one is an option on the Hide Element action. You can pick an animation there.

  2. If you’re using a list of markers, you can’t add a marker like this, it has to be part of the list. That’s a new feature.

  3. At this stage, it’s done manually with us as we’re in beta. We send you what to upload to iTunes. You would have to sign up yourself. Updates can happen mostly through the web, except for significant ones that might require a re-submission.

Keep in mind this is a beta/proof of concept, so things might not work perfectly, and the solutions we have might change (for the better)

Thanks for the fast and helpful reply! 2 and 3 are now clear to me. However, I still dont understand number 1. I can pick the animation, but it will always slide the entire page and not just the sidebar as in the bubble account app… Could you please be so kind to elaborate a bit further?


Have you tried using the slidable menu element? It’s a plugin (and that’s the one we use for our bubble app).

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Perfect, that was it! Thanks a lot!

I still have one more question, which I find not quite clear when building a mobile app:

It works perfectly fine for me to build the App environment with hiding groups in just one page as recommended. I am having two or three “normal” pages, which are not native mobile and should just show the data gathered in the App on a TV screen. This works for me very well, I am just wondering whether this functionality will still exist when I publish it to the Appstore?

Will the data still be provided to the bubble database and if, am I still able to access these other non-native pages via my PC?

Thanks once again!

You mean the native app opens non native-app pages?

Generally speaking, the data is per bubble app, so the native app and the other pages share the same database.

Hey @emmanuel I’m using the Slidable plugin as well but am seeing that it slides from the left side of the browser screen on desktop. Is there a way to only allow it to slide from the edge of my web app borders? It works on mobile just fine because of the phone screen size. I know that this is more of a screen size tweak… but stumped as to what to do next.