Moderation on the forum

SO, @neerja just unlisted my freelance work because I stated that I don’t want any applicants from India.
I got scammed multiple times, and we’re talking about my project, my money and my time.
I have the right to select whomever I am hiring to do the job. You can’t tell me what to do on my time and money. OKAY?
So publish my freelance proposal again @neerja or @Bubble I will sue you! I don’t mess around with my time and money.

@mvandrei We responded to flags by community members on your post and the responses to your post. We also direct messaged you to clarify the situation for which we did not receive a response. We are happy to resolve the situation with you as long as we are making an equal effort to act in good faith.


@neerja I just replied to your message. You went ahead and unlisted my post, WITHOUT consulting me first. You just unlisted it and sent the message. You didn’t care about my opinion then, why does it matter now? If you want equality, please talk to me first, before you unlisted my post.
Of course anyone who’s targeted will report it, wouldn’t you? That doesn’t mean that they are right. It’s their right to report, mine to exclude them, as I told you in the private message.
But it’s not FAIR to get my post unlisted without consulting with me first. You didn’t even have had the change to analyze it, just unlisted it…

Whilst I don’t think it is fair to blame the whole of India for CIS …

We all know this is about CIS.

Isn’t it.

I’ve typed and deleted and typed and deleted, but my comment was going to be essentially the same thing. I think it’d have been received a lot better if the original comment was, “Will not work with CIS, so please don’t message me.”


Emmanuel here, founder. Happy to jump in.

Neerja did react to a some people complaining about this post, and she did the right thing as a moderator. If people feel offended, this is something we do not want to have on this forum. Let’s just be careful with the language (in this case, what you probably want to say is you don’t want offshore agencies).

I also changed the title of this thread to something more neutral and descriptive of what this is about.