Modify data types without making a new API call

So great you implemented this !

@allenyang @peterj Could you let us modify data types without making new API calls ? We must run new calls to modify data types and it’s a long work since some calls need results from other calls to be run.

Also, it would be very convenient to be able to access the saved response used for initialization

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Hi Nicolas,

Glad you enjoy the feature!

For the first request (modifying without making new API calls) - out of curiosity, could you provide an example of a case you’re using that has one API call making other calls?

For the second, could you clarify what the use case is for the saved response?


Hello @allenyang,

Some exemple :

  • For initializing a DELETE call, you need to create (POST) a thing before and pass the ID.
  • In Stripe, to attach a Payment Method, you need, 1st create a Payment Method and pass the ID
  • In Paypal, to activate a Subscription, you run the call on a new non-active one.
    And so on.

I’ll send you in PM plugins I used, you’ll see how many calls must be edited to use the Date (UIX)… :slight_smile:

TO be clear, I request to implement in the API Connector and the Plugin Editor, the same “Modify types” from API Workflow :

Thanks to this one, we can easily change the type without waiting a new api call.

In the API Connector and the Plugin Editor, once data types are saved, we can not access it anymore. However, it is very conveniant to check return values later on.
Another thing important, - it is important to check nested objects. For instance, if I initialize Retreive a customer with a Customer without any Source saved, if I use the API call without a Customer who has Sources, Source’s ID won’t be parsed. Then it’s better to know it !

Actually that’s a limit of the current implementation : we can’t edit a response to add returned values that we can’t get from the object used for initialization.

Thanks for these follow-ups!

We just revealed something in the API Connector which may help: the option to “Manually enter API response” (right next to the “Modify call types” button). (Thanks to @emmanuel!)

As for checking the saved response, feature request noted; I’m guessing that the existing ability to “Show raw data” is not sufficient for all the use cases you have, since I believe that only shows the current call’s raw data.

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I already saw this, yes, thanks. It can actually be useful for tricky calls.

When you say “feature noted”, you mean keeping in the API Connector and the Plugin Editor the button “Modify data types” without making new API calls, and maybe adding a new button that actually do “Re-initialize call” ?

If none is feasible, showing saved raw data would be better than nothing.

Yep, something like that; we’ll have to assess the idea. Thank you for your feedback!

Hey @allenyang, can you explain why that option is not always present? Sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it’s not. I’ve seen it before, but I haven’t figured out what makes it appear. Or should this be reported as a bug?

Odd…will look into this!


This option “Manually enter an API Response” only appears on JSON calls.
Whenever I want to make a XML call, or Empty, it doesn’t appear.
But even in Empty calls, I want to get a header in response.

It’s extremely hard to create API calls without entering the response manually.

Is there any way you can make this option appear in every call?