Modify every item in the numeric list

Hey guys, i am trying to create a pie chart for show audience age and percantage. Like that:

  • name:“30_35”

  • percent:0.16393442622950818

  • name:“24_27”

  • percent:0.14207650273224043

  • name:“35_45”

  • percent:0.1366120218579235

And my api giving the percent with a really small numbers like 0.16393442622950818. I should *100 and rounded to 0 every element in the list percent for creating bar pie chart. But i dont know how to select and modify every item in the list. Please help.


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You can use the format as text, with this command you can extract any number as you want and specify a separator.
Then split the results using the same separator and convert each one to a number.

I couldnt understand, how will i do multiplication with text. Can you explain more?

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Okey i understood and fixed it, thanks for your help.

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Well done!

Sorry if my explanation was confusing :sweat:

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