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Moment.js (Opensource - MIT)

This is an open source plugin for moment.js. Moment.js is used to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times in JavaScript.

Current Features:

  1. Convert Unix Timestamps into normal, Bubble-friendly dates
  2. Display a date and time relative to the current time.

Future Features:
A few folks were asking for a simple plugin to do unix time conversion, but moment.js is capable of much more. Contributors/merges are welcome.


  1. Place element on page
  2. Have the element read a date field (relative time) or Unix timestamp (unix conversion)
  3. Refer to that element for either relative time or converted unix time.

Convert unix timestamp to date:


Hey @supernaturally,

Is there anyway you could try and help me out? The Moment.js is throwing this error:

I’m using Current User’s Creation Date and nothing else filled out. Then on a text element i’m using the RelativeTime A’s current value

Any help is appreciated


Try to upload one of the following JS files:

Then, upload the file in your Bubble editor. The received link you need to insert into your headers or a HTML element.

<script src="script.js"></script>

Hi, just tried this both with html and header with no success :roll_eyes:

As a fast solution, just insert the entire JS code from the link and paste it there:

That unfortunately didn’t work either

This maybe to do with a bug in Bubble affecting all plugins trying to use moment.js. I have see similar error messages. Apparently we were due a fix this week!


Hey @simon, awesome! I sure hope so. Would be much appreciated by the Bubble Team.