Monthly Community Update -- April 2022

Hi all,

This is our April community update! Read last month’s update here.

The topic most on our minds right now is pricing. We won’t spend much time on it in this update because we’ve been discussing it in other threads: here’s a link to our latest post. As mentioned in that post, we are going to publish another update this weekend.

That said, we did want to make one general comment in response to some of the questions in the pricing threads about our overall vision for the company. Our goal for Bubble is for it to become the next major platform for software development. We want to host all kinds of apps, and we hope as we become larger and more successful that we are able to increasingly subsidize exploratory, playful, and educational use cases. We still see ourselves as near the beginning of this journey: although the Bubble community is huge relative to a few years ago, it still accounts for only a tiny fraction of web applications being developed.

We know that getting our pricing wrong can prevent us from getting there. We very much appreciate the sharp feedback from our community that our initial proposal would have risked driving a lot of people off the platform and hampering our overall growth. Our goal is to keep Bubble affordable for entrepreneurs, and to have pricing scale up in a fair and sustainable way for larger companies and enterprises.

In addition to pricing, we continued working on reliability improvements to address last month’s outages, deployed some improvements to our new responsive engine, and continued growing the team. We’d like to welcome:

  • Matthew, Perri, and Vlad to the engineering team
  • Jeremiah to the data team
  • Michael to the success team
  • Jennifer as our new head of recruiting

Our open roles can be found here. If you’d like to join us, a great role for proficient Bubblers is our Technical Product Support Specialist opening on the Success team.

Changes we made this month

We continued improving the new responsive engine, including releasing transitions on height, width, and margin properties. Check out replies to the thread for some super-slick animation effects the community created with them!

Alongside the improvements, we’ve been releasing videos that show off the new features:

We also continued working on performance and released a major speedup to our bulk create API endpoint: you can now use the data API to upload data to Bubble significantly faster. Another small-but-annoying performance issue we fixed this month was with the “add plugins” button in the editor.

On the community front, we just kicked off a new Immerse cohort yesterday! Excited to see what everyone builds. And on our blog, we released a number of posts:

This month in numbers

  • New conversations via bug reports or 9,504 (up 14.9%).

  • Average first response time to messages: 1h 56m during business hours (down 48.6%)

  • Average response time to messages: 2h 2m during business hours (down 45.4%)

  • Open tickets being investigated by the engineering team: 57 (up from 55)

  • Of those, tickets that have been open longer than 7 days: 33 (up from 22)

Things on our minds

Aside from pricing mentioned above, we don’t have too much to share here this month. We usually use this space to update on our ongoing efforts to make Bubble more reliable. March was a very smooth month in that regard. We’ve been continuing to work on the issues we identified during our rocky February, and have seen some payoffs in terms of more stable infrastructure. We plan to continue making preventative maintenance a major priority for the rest of the year, alongside our performance work and our efforts to make Bubble easier to learn for new users.

What we’re currently working on

As mentioned above, we are focused on preventative maintenance, performance, and making Bubble easier to learn for new users, including getting our new responsive design engine ready to leave beta.

On the responsive engine, the two big chunks of work we are tackling right now are updating the plugin editor so that plugin creators can make plugins that are fully compatible with the new engine, and enabling drag-and-drop in the editor within row/column containers.

For the new Bubble user experience, we are working on tweaks to our onboarding flow, as well as better in-editor educational materials.

On the performance front, we are continuing to roll out our optimizations for invisible elements, and generating HTML and CSS upfront instead of on the fly. Our expectation is that these workstreams will continue for months or quarters, but we do think there are intermediate milestones that will result in noticeable performance improvements.

As mentioned last month, we are kicking off an overhaul of our network architecture and infrastructure organization with the goal of hardening our security posture and aiming for SOC2 compliance. We are shifting the focus of this work to prioritize reliability-related improvements ahead of the work that will get us to SOC2, so we may end up pushing the date back for SOC2. That said, we think the investments we are making here will help with all of our major goals, including security, performance, reliability, and compliance.

On version control, we are continuing to fix bugs in the algorithm, while working on a designing a set of feature improvements that will give more visibility into what changes your collaborators make to their versions.

On the QA front, our outsourced partners have now built 776 tests. For migrating code off of CoffeeScript, we’re now down to 45.3% CoffeeScript

Thank you for all your support and feedback, and wishing you all a great April! Best,

Josh and Emmanuel


Thanks @josh!

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Thanks, @josh

Is there any ETA for this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer:

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This will make so awesome!


Very much looking forward to pre-compiled HTML / CSS. Has bubble considered pre-generating Javascript as well into a .js file so it can be cached by the browser? Browsers are exceedingly good at parsing .js files and caching them makes it that much faster from page to page navigation

I have created an entry in the ideaboard for others to upvote. It has a title of “Pre-Compile JavaScript code as a static .js file on the server once”. However i don’t see that ideaboard entries can be searched



My browser no longer crashes when I try to install a plugin. This is great!


Hey @josh :wave:

Any update on the Bubble SelectPDF replacement? :blush:


This :arrow_up: :fire::fire::fire:

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Thanks @josh!
GIF 02.04.2022 19-30-04
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Really looking forward to better collaborative features.

@josh a request to make collaboration a first class experience and encourage it heavily as it can lead to great user growth.

I’d like to request+recommend increasing the collaborator limits on paid/agency plans for all plans including personal. Maybe even the free one.



Looking great! Thank you for the update!

Thanks for the update Josh!

Great @josh . Prioritizing updates over pricing is a good move. Least importance to pricing in the update gives more confidence on the company.

Thx for the updates @josh . The update to the transition feature is amazing btw :slight_smile:

@josh any news about fixing gap spacing on Safari?

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Experiencing same problems

What version of Safari are you using?

@nick.carroll macOS Big Sur, Safari - 14.0.3

Unfortunately, that is a pretty old version of Safari where many CSS Flexbox properties are not supported. Gap specifically picks up support on Safari 14.1 and later. For reference, Safari 14.1 was released 1 year ago.

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