Monthly Community Update -- May 2023

Hi all,

This is our May community update! Read last month’s update here.

The biggest change we made this month was announcing and rolling out our new pricing plans and the accompanying workload metric. We very much appreciate all the community feedback on our workload visualization tools and the metric itself, and are working on a number of improvements based on it.

April was also a strong month for making Bubble more usable: We rolled out a number of long-anticipated improvements to our product.

In addition, we continued to invest in growing our engineering team and are excited to welcome four new senior engineers: Wayne, Maurice, Alex, and Sarah!

If you would like to join us, check out our careers page here. As always, we highly encourage community members with solid Bubble skills and a love for helping people to join us as Technical Product Support Specialists.

Changes we made this month

We are excited to announce you can now override individual properties from a style without removing the style from the element. This is an important step toward having a mature, robust styling system, and it reflects modern design practices where a property may need to be tweaked on an individual instance but you would still like the benefits of grouping the element with others sharing the same style.

Another investment in our toolkit for building modern UIs is the ability to detach reusable elements. We are working toward greater flexibility in our reusable components, and being able to decompose them into their constituent pieces to modify them individually is a key feature along that path.

We also shipped a couple key un-blockers for integrations:

We also re-introduced advanced timezone controls, a previously experimental feature that we’ve now added to our core feature set.

We also added an option for page navigation workflow actions to open a new tab.

Finally, you might notice a few new easter eggs: We are experimenting with interactive tutorials when you create a new app; we have added some helper labels to Repeating Groups to make them easier to understand for new users; and we changed the icon for showing per-element video tutorials to make it clearer what it does.

This month in numbers

  • Tier 1 (FAQs, account and billing issues) handled tickets: 5,876 (up from 4,955)

  • Tier 2 (app development questions and bug reports): 2,889 handled tickets (up from 2,615)

  • Average tier 1 reply time: 30 minutes (down from 36 minutes)

  • Average tier 2 reply time: 2 hours and 9 minutes (up from 1 hour and 25 minutes)

  • Tickets closed by the engineering team: 146 (up from 130)

  • Average days to closure by engineering for high priority tickets: 2.9 (up from 1.6)

  • Average days to closure by engineering for all tickets: 7.3 (up from 5.8)

  • Incidents and regressions: 14 (down from 17)

  • Of those, the number that are high-severity (greater than 20 bug reports): 3 (up from 2)

Things on our minds

Last week, we brought the whole company together at our office in New York. We usually work mainly remotely, with a sizable fraction of the company dropping by the office on a regular basis, but periodically we like to get everyone together in person for a mixture of routine work, brainstorming sessions and workshops, and socialization.

We’re a believer in hybrid, flexible work, but that occasional in-person get-together matters: some kinds of brainstorming are just easier to do in person, and it helps a lot when working through a difficult issue with someone if you remember the last time you grabbed a drink with them. We’re getting to be a pretty big company now – we crossed the 100 person threshold a few months ago – and keeping cohesion as a group that size is tough.

We’re hoping you all see the payoff in bringing the team together over the next several months in terms of elevated quality of work, and a bit more vision in the day-to-day decisions we make as a group.

What we’re currently working on

  • Building a Table element (similar to a Repeating Group but can customize each column and header): goal is to start user-testing this month

  • We’ve kicked off work on a project to make the expression composer significantly easier to use! Think: inserting into the middle of an expression, changing stuff without losing everything you’ve built on top of it.

  • We are making some updates and changes to the API for building server-side actions in plugins, both to fix some bugs and to enable upgrading to node 16, which requires switching from a synchronous to an asynchronous API. We will communicate out to plugin developers when it is ready for them to start upgrading, likely early this month.

  • We are continuing to work on overhauling our infrastructure, with the goals of enabling SOC2 certification and improving page load performance

  • We are working on improvements to our workload charts, including deeper drill-downs (specific actions inside a workflow, data requests, workflow + data APIs), and by-the-minute data. We are also investigating other potential improvements to the tooling around managing workload.

  • Moving off CoffeeScript and onto Typescript. We are now down to 1.2% CoffeeScript in our main codebase. Typescript is now up to 17.2%, with the remainder being Javascript.

Happy May,

Josh and Emmanuel


Thanks @josh for the updates.

This would be great! :grinning:


Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this :raised_hands::blush:


Mmmm… Nothing concerning pricing questions? There’s hundreds of questions unanswered (and not just from assholes like me)


Thanks for the update, @josh! Looking forward to both of these! How can we get involved with the user-testing for the table element?


This is the first good news in a while. But it’s fairly small and tbh: there are so many questions and needs regarding the WU system and pricing change and you just ignored them 100% in your post.

Could you please think about the option to buy extra functionality on a quantity basis without switching the plan? For example another development version or an extra seat or extra days of backup.


Extending the API timeout to 150 seconds is huge for us. It may seem like such a little thing for many but it affects a core feature of our app.

We use an API regularly (an EMV credit card terminal controlled via API for our point-of-sale system) that can take up to that amount of time to send a response (think about someone fumbling for their wallet or deciding what tip to give) and we’ve had to build some crazy workarounds to deal with timeouts from Bubble over the last couple of years. Now we can toss a whole boatload of workflows out the window and simply wait for the response as intended! Hooray!


Hello @josh

Thanks for these updates! Could you share whether the new table element would allow users to re-organize columns from left to right? Or if that is planned in the future?

That would be an amazing feature


how can i be part of the testing of the table? (I would love the alpha as well - cause i rebuilded a full dynamic table where user can create add own rows and columns with the current RG system)

Drop me in :slight_smile:

come on with these bullsh!t features, if it’s not saving us WU you can keep it!


Woah, someone needs to CTFD.


What happens with algolia in the new prices, is it included in which plan?

I literally can’t wait for this Table to be released. I’ve had to do some very janky things (Option sets and what not) to achieve the same thing with repeating groups. The sooner the better!


Thanks for the updates and plans.

It seems like plans to optimise some functionalities and thereby reduce WUs is not on your mind :slightly_frowning_face:

Also like some people highlighted, there are several unanswered questions on the pricing. Hope you don’t plan to leave them out thinking people will forget with time.


So there are no plans for optimizing WU? I think for a lot of us that’s our biggest concern


This is the item I am most excited for! Also one of the most requested features from my users.

It’s a bit strange that there’s no mention about WU optimization? Also, replies for this monthly update seems lesser than before. Wondering why?


Could surely be related to the whole WU saga, but at least for me I didn’t get the yellow gift inside the editor for the last two community updates, which is usually what reminds to check the monthly updates.

Might be intentional to keep users from cluttering up the comment section with their WU concerns, though I totally agree there are still unanswered questions, and it should have been addressed more widely in this update, e.g. a roadmap for upcoming WU profiling tools. Either way I’d really like my yellow gift back. The community updates are pretty important for anyone who builds in Bubble, and I shouldn’t have to dig through the forum to find it.

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The only way I’ve been able to get updates is by visiting and clicking the bell icon to turn on notifications for Announcements posts.

Thanks @josh. Please can you give more details about WU optimizations.