Monthly Community Update -- July 2023

Hi all,

This is our July community update! Read last month’s update here.

We shipped a number of small platform improvements this month (detailed below), but the most exciting changes here at Bubble were those shared at our inaugural Bubble Developer Summit. Last week, we celebrated our community of professional Bubble Developers and announced the launch of several new programs, including the long-awaited Bubble Developer Certification, agency tiers to help folks sort through the agency directory, and more. You can watch a replay or read a recap of the event here.

Over the course of June, we welcomed ten new teammates and six interns!

  • Steve, joining us as a lead product manager
  • Aster, Kyle, and Merlin, joining us as experienced software engineers
  • Jason, joining as a software engineer
  • Henry, Eduara, and Riya, joining our success team
  • Jayvee, joining us as our director of community
  • Anthony, joining as a senior accountant
  • Rania, Harry, Nevil, Kelly, Karly, and LJ, joining us as interns.

If you’d like to join us, check out our careers page here. As always, we highly encourage community members with solid Bubble skills and a love for helping people to join us as Technical Product Support Specialists.

Finally, before I dive in, just a quick note to say that I’d love to hear any feedback you have on these monthly community posts. Leave a reply and let me know what else you might like to see me cover in the future.

Changes we made this month

We released Bubble Version 23, which includes tweaks to privacy rules that give you more control over the data your end-users see. Previously, there were certain situations when constructing expressions of the form “X’s Y’s Z” where users could see field Z based on a privacy rule given them access to X; they now also need explicit access to Y.

Last month, I mentioned we’d launched a public alpha for v4 of our API, which upgrades to Node 18 (AWS is planning to deprecate Node 14). That version is now officially released. If you manage a plugin that uses server-side actions, you’ll be required to migrate to v4 by January 4, 2023. (Here’s an update guide the team put together.)

Those connecting a login service using the OAuth 2.0 User-Agent flow can now add parameters (including optional ones) to the login redirect URL. This makes it possible to connect to some additional services that were previously incompatible with our API Connector.

We released three small improvements to editor usability:

  • Previously, any time you uploaded a static image, Bubble defaulted to an aspect ratio of 1x1. Now, we’ll automatically set the aspect ratio to match the uploaded image itself.
  • In the Data Tab, you’ll now see search fields for the Data Types, Privacy Rules, and Option Sets sub tabs. (Before, this was only available on the App Data tab previously.
  • Merge captions for the API Connector are now more readable — something folks have been requesting for awhile now.

In addition to the usability improvements, keep an eye on the editor’s design – we’ve been cleaning it up and improving the look and feel!

We added three use case pages to our homepage, explaining Bubble’s value proposition for founders, enterprise, and developers. We hope these are helpful to you when sharing Bubble with friends, colleagues, and potential clients!

We also released two feature flags on the experimental settings panel that make exciting improvements to both editor and run-mode performance:

Finally, a quick note: Airtable recently announced they’re moving from API Keys to Personal Access Tokens this coming February, and you can switch over any time between now and then. We’ve updated the UI on the Airtable plugin to reflect that change, plus information on a few other requirements.


This month in numbers

  • Tier 1 (FAQs, account and billing issues) handled tickets: 5,685 (down from 6,095)
  • Tier 2 (app development questions and bug reports) handled tickets: 2,593 (down from 2,773)
  • Average tier 1 reply time: 26 minutes (down from 33 minutes)
  • Average tier 2 reply time: 2 hours 11 minutes (up from 1 hour and 36 minutes)
  • Tickets closed by the engineering team: 124 (up from 121)
  • Average days to closure by engineering for high priority tickets: 6.9 (up from 5.4)
  • Average days to closure by engineering for all tickets: 9.6 (up from 5.4)
  • Incidents and regressions: 8 (down from 9)
  • Of those, the number that are high-severity (greater than 20 bug reports): 1 (up from 0)

Things on our minds


The Bubble community is something incredibly special, and we happened to do a lot of gathering this month that reminded us of that fact.

First, a few dozen Bubblers met up for a week of coworking together in Girona, Spain. It’s worth scrolling through the #BubbleHouse2023 tweets. It was really special to see folks from so many countries coming together and forming friendships over a shared love of Bubble’s platform.

Then, of course, there was the Bubble Developer Summit I mentioned above. I’ve never attended a virtual event with such an active chat before; you could barely read it, it was moving so fast. Personally, my favorite part was awarding our first-ever Bubble Developer Awards at the end — congrats to Renato Asse, Victor Nihoul, Wesley Wasielewski, and Thibault Marty! And, of course, our honorable mentions: Gregory John, Lachlan Kirkwood, Jose Campos Gonzalez, Gaby Roman, Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel, Mike Loc, Neto Camarano, and JJ Englert. You can read more about the winners here.

We also announced that we’ll be holding an in-person (and virtual) conference for all Bubble users, BubbleCon, from October 24 to 25 in NYC. More to come soon, including exactly how many in-person tickets will be available, but save the date!

Editor stability

We’ve made a number of improvements and bug fixes to the editor over the last month, and we’re no longer receiving nearly as many reports of the editor being unusably buggy. That said, overall editor memory usage is still very much on our radar — we highly encourage checking out the experimental features mentioned above to get a preview of what we’re working on there. And we’re continuing to work on how we QA new features going out the door to avoid introducing too many new bugs, as well as circling back and fixing all the bugs and quality-of-life issues that users have reported.

WU, pricing, and affordability

We know optimizing WU is still top of mind for many of you. We just started a private beta for some updates to the App Metrics tab . They’re designed to make understanding WU consumption more straightforward via changes like better drilldowns into workflows and the ability to drill down per-minute for the last couple of days. We’re also working on better notifications if there are unusual spikes in workload usage to make it easier to monitor your app’s consumption (and we continue to work with users with unusual spikes of consumption on a case-by-case basis to support them).

We are also hard at work on features to make bulk data manipulation faster and more reliable, and we’ll be looking at the affordability of those features as part of our work there.

We’ve seen more and more users migrate to the new plans, and it’s great to see that for many users who switch, it is less expensive for them than their previous plans. We’re continuing to monitor and collect user feedback - thanks to everyone on their feedback thus far.

What we’re currently working on

  • As mentioned above, we’re designing improved features for manipulating bulk data quickly and reliably.
  • Building a table element (similar to a repeating group but can customize each column and header): This is officially in the hands of beta testers!
  • Overhauling the dynamic expression composer to support mid-expression inserting, parentheses, etc.: We’re ramping up for the second phase of our alpha. As I mentioned last month, even if the feedback is positive, we do have more work to do before we can fully release it — we are in the process of integrating it with text fields, which is an important and tricky use-case.
  • Adding properties to reusable elements, to make them much easier to customize and bring them closer to native elements in terms of capabilities: Quality assurance is underway as of last week.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for larger organizations on Custom plans who want to let their team log in to the Bubble editor using their own identity provider: Also out for QA!
  • Page load performance: We are midway through a project to radically reduce the time it takes to navigate between pages. This project will set up follow-on projects to speed up initial page load as well.
  • SOC 2 certification: We’ve completed all the hard technical prerequisites and are now monitoring and auditing. If you are selling to larger enterprises who value this certification — or are a large enterprise customer yourself — please reach out to our sales team for updates on timeline!
  • Improving our workload charts, including real-time reporting with by-the-minute data and deeper drill-downs (e.g., workload usage by specific actions inside a workflow). These are nearing the finish line. As mentioned above, we’ve started a private beta so we can make sure they’re as useful as possible before pushing them live for all apps.
  • Moving off CoffeeScript and onto Typescript. We are now down to 1.1% CoffeeScript in our main codebase. Typescript is now up to 20%, with the remainder being Javascript.

Thank you all for your support, and wishing you a great July,

Josh and Emmanuel


LOVE THEM! Please keep them coming!

The more info the better :slight_smile:
Especially around product roadmap and what is on your minds.

I had a question on this. The new WU plan is supposed to be faster. But I don’t really know/can’t really test it without upgrading my app. Is there a way to temporarily upgrade an app to the new WU plan for like 3 hours. Similar to the capacity upgrade button.

This will let us test a few apps on personal plans to see the impact, before we are comfortable pulling the trigger on them to upgrade

This was super exciting!


No mention of loops on this update?



Thanks @josh for the update!

Love that you’re creating sections depending on the topic under “Things on our mind!” Make its easier to read and digest :sweat_smile:

I also love that you’re continuing to write them vs. someone else – it’s a small thing but a nice personal touch :slight_smile:

Love seeing the Bubble team grow! I actually chatted with Nevil today and he’s great!

I noticed that under the developers page there are 3k Bubble developers, how do you differentiate users that are Bubble Developers vs. not a Bubble Developer?

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don’t you mean 2024

Thank you guys, amazing progress :heart:


Great update! Am not sure whether other users have experienced this, but I’ve noticed massive editor slowdowns on two of my clients - one with custom branches and the other with experimental feature - parantheses on. In both of these cases, I often have to refresh my editor because it is not responsive or elements don’t load. Hopefully, this would be better optimized!

Hey @josh

I look forward to these updates each month. I would suggest adding more details to the features on the road map so we know what to expect and if we need to plan for them in our development.

Are you able to give more details into the bulk data manipulation as this is mission critical with me right now developing an enterprise app for large datasets. Will these features be focused on backend crud manipulation or also include querying speeds to the front end etc? Any more info would be much appreciated. :pray:


Love these updates. The Bubble team is getting stronger. I am looking forward to more product updates. Keep going!

Thanks for the update @josh ! Always love reading through them and keeping us informed as to what’s on the roadmap/near term focus.

It would be great if there was a way to see consumption by user by period of time (hour/day/week/month) as this would then allow us to do a diagnostic into the root cause of WUs consumed. Currently it is difficult how an actual user consumes WUs and as such if is difficult to make data based decisions on optimisation changes.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes that are in development!


Agreed. With the cards Bubble have dealt us with the new pricing model, we need full transparency into where every single WU is coming from, including any given user within any given time frame. Ideally being able to set up rules around that too, so that a user will never be able to consume WU beyond a certain amount within a set time frame.


Looking very much forward to every community update, especially the “Things on our minds” and “What we’re currently working on” sections!

The latter would be great to have as a stand-alone page on Releases | Bubble or some other easily accessible place. Numerous times I’ve spent significant time on workarounds to various shortcomings, just to find out you release a feature solving it a few months later. If I had just known…

There seems to be a history of “random” features being released by “random” devs at any given time. Or at least so it looks from the outside.

Also, a public roadmap could help avoiding experimental features being left with no updates on whether there will still be updates coming or you’ve left it for dead. Like this one that no one seems to want to take responsibility for (announced by “random” dev that is maybe no longer with you or has moved to a different role? Who takes over?): [New plugin] Mouse & Keyboard Interactions (Highly experimental!)


Not really sure these monthly updates could be improved, they’re just perfect. I’m sure they require a lot of time to write, but they’re precious to us this way (detailed, honest, both on what happened and what’s on your mind / roadmap).
Just don’t stop! :pray:

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Thanks for the great updates!

  • Overhauling the dynamic expression composer to support mid-expression inserting, parentheses, etc.: We’re ramping up for the second phase of our alpha. As I mentioned last month, even if the feedback is positive, we do have more work to do before we can fully release it — we are in the process of integrating it with text fields, which is an important and tricky use-case.

Mostly I’m thrilled for this feature. I really can’t wait to get it!


Thanks @josh as always for the great updates! To piggyback off of what @ZubairLK said regarding loops, I think in general it would be good to have the “What we’re currently working on” section coincide as best as possible to any public facing demonstrations of product features like those shown in the Developer Summit recently. Specifically, loops, local variables, and allowing custom events to return data were mentioned there, as well as in the blog post about the developer summit:

  • Logic updates: We’re improving the modularity of logical expressions, exploring concepts like allowing custom events to return data. Along those lines, we’re also working on the idea of a temporary local variable, and the much-requested idea of loops.

Interestingly the table element has been mentioned in these updates but not in the developer summit. I know you can’t talk about everything everywhere and you need to pick and choose to a certain extent, but I think at the minimum going forward if something is going to be publicly announced for a massive audience via the traditional channels like a blog post or in a virtual demo, the progress made towards those items should be carried over to this smaller, more focused following of users to ensure consistency.

Parabens a todos, essa pra foi a melhor noticia:

  • Building a table element (similar to a repeating group but can customize each column and header): This is officially in the hands of beta testers!
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Hi @josh

Will this feature also allow us to dynamically define workflows for e.g. a button click inside a reusable element? So we could use the same reusable elements many times but with different actions? This would be very helpful for reusable yes-no-popups or context menus etc.

Thanks and best regards,

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Could you please let us know when the Agency Tier system will on the Agency Page have an explanation of what the Tiers Gold, Silver and Bronze actually mean and how a potential client can use them to guide their decision on which agency they should be interested in exploring working with. At the moment, I assume most potential clients see the Tier names of Gold, Silver and Bronze reflective of the same concept that most developers have expressed which is that Gold implies best, Silver is second and Bronze is last.

Also, if there is any chance that Bubble will backtrack on the tier naming convention and use something that might be more reflective of the Agency as those tiers are actually assessing them which is simply based on Size, so that a potential client can come to the agency page and say, I am not interested in working with an ‘Enterprise’ Agency, I want to work with a ‘Boutique’ Agency as they may be more interested in working with an agency that is led by a single developer.

Additionally, I would love if Bubble could speak to the AI that they are generating and how Bubble anticipates the implementation of the AI either replacing Bubble Developers or allowing Bubble Developers to work with it. As AI is hugely disruptive to livelihoods already, and is expected to continue to be so, it would be great to get some inside information on what to expect from the Bubble AI in terms of its’ impacts on Developers, Educators and others who have created a livelihood on Bubble. It would be heart wrenching to not have any forward looking commentary on the subject, to in a medium term wake up to find the release of a Bubble AI has destroyed what so many have spent years building in terms of their own businesses as developers and educators.


Thanks again for the update @josh!

I didn’t have a chance yet to pursue the certification, but soon I will. And I’ll also try to encourage our students here at Np-Code Start-up to do it.


Definitely top priority

Loved that


I will go out on a limb here and say the reason for the reduction in the number of bug reports of the editor being unusably buggy is not because of improvements and fixes, but because of exhaustion of developers having to report so many that we have had to give up a lot of the times.

I’m in a live/recorded build right now and have had to submit 3 bug reports regarding the popup element. 1 is for the editor and 2 for run mode. I decided I had to come here and post this as I’ve seen numerous other bugs in the editor that I just don’t want to take the time to submit a bug report about them, especially when it is not rewarded in anyway by Bubble.

Where is the BUG BOUNTY!?


that’s true, bug reporting should be made more easy and fast right from the editor (don’t know why Bubble even removed bug reporting link that used to be right in the editor long ago).