Monthly Community Update -- July 2023

Looking very much forward to every community update, especially the “Things on our minds” and “What we’re currently working on” sections!

The latter would be great to have as a stand-alone page on Releases | Bubble or some other easily accessible place. Numerous times I’ve spent significant time on workarounds to various shortcomings, just to find out you release a feature solving it a few months later. If I had just known…

There seems to be a history of “random” features being released by “random” devs at any given time. Or at least so it looks from the outside.

Also, a public roadmap could help avoiding experimental features being left with no updates on whether there will still be updates coming or you’ve left it for dead. Like this one that no one seems to want to take responsibility for (announced by “random” dev that is maybe no longer with you or has moved to a different role? Who takes over?): [New plugin] Mouse & Keyboard Interactions (Highly experimental!)