Monthly Community Update - July 2024

I could be mistaken what your wanting but if your wanting to to navigate to the same page without reloading it, which usually would be done to modify url parameters this can definitely be done using go to page and selecting the page name or the option that says “Current Page” but I suspect maybe we are thinking of different things

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I am not mistaken thats for sure

Thank you @allenyang nice to hear from you. Congrats @josh :tada:

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Already have that…it is the go to page action under navigate

@emir.ozgun you are mistaken…simply test it, put a custom state, set the state, and use go to page action, the custom state is not lost because the page is not reloading. But you may be correct if you are focused on the fact that the page is loaded workflow trigger executes, but the page is not reloading and the date and elements are not having to be reloaded again.

What is your issue with the current functionality of the go to page action?


Of course it would be great to ‘‘when page loaded’’ workflows not executed too but I already minimized that . Currently I use go to page workflow and hide the link inside a group to be used in SEO . Having a link that does this natively is what I need.

I play this game every day. Quality of life would be so huge with a very small change to the UI I’d I could see the whole name.

Big up for returning data from API back to frontend!
Further i’d propose:

  • being able to take more control of scheduling the actions ‘when page is loaded’ so that we’re more easily able to control which e.g. custom state get’s loaded at what point in time. When having many interrelated reusable elements on one page this is at the moment quite tricky to pull off correctly.